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Game Genres are categories for games. Each genre has it's own optimal settings.

Game Genre List[]

Name Research Costs Unlocked Target Market Successful genre mix with
Skill None Unlocked at start Adult Arcade, Puzzle, Platformer
Arcade None Unlocked at start Teenager Skill, Puzzle, Platformer, Sports, Fighting, First-Person Shooter, Third-Person Shooter
Puzzle None Unlocked at start Senior Skill, Arcade, Platformer
RPG $ 50,000

250 RP

Y1980 M4 W1 Adult Platformer, Sport, Adventure, First-Person Shooter, Third-Person Shooter
Platformer $ 40,000

200 RP

Y1980 M9 W1 Teenager Skill, Arcade, Puzzle, RPG, First-Person Shooter, Third-Person Shooter
Adventure $ 60,000

300 RP

Y1980 M11 W1 Senior Puzzle, RPG, Interactive Movie, Third-Person Shooter
Economic Simulation $ 35,000

150 RP

Y1981 M1 W1 Senior Sports, Building, Strategy, Real-Time Strategy
Sports Game $ 80,000

400 RP

Y1981 M9 W1 Adult Skill, Arcade, Fighting, Third-Person Shooter
Strategy Unknown Y1981 M10 W1 Adult RPG, Building, Real-Time Strategy
Fighting $ 90,000

450 RP

Y1982 M4 W1 Teenager Arcade, Platformer, Sport
Simulation $ 100,000

500 RP

Y1982 M8 W1 Adult Arcade, Sport, Fighting, First-Person Shooter, Third-Person Shooter
Building Unknown Y1983 M9 W1 Senior Economic Simulation, Real-Time Strategy, Strategy
Real-Time Strategy Unknown Y1989 M5 W1 Adult Arcade, Building, Economic Simulation, Strategy
First-Person Shooter Unknown Y1989 M11 W1 Adult Arcade, Fighting, Platformer, RPG, Simulation, Sports, Third-Person Shooter
Third-Person Shooter $ 140,000

750 RP

Y1990 M9 W1 Adult Arcade, Fighting, First-Person Shooter, Platformer, RPG, Skill, Simulation, Sports
Interactive Movie $ 150,000

800 RP

Y1991 M4 W1 Adult Adventure, Puzzle, Skill

Sub Genre[]

Sub genre allows you to combine two different genres together. It has to be unlocked by researching one game genre. This function was also unlocked by choosing Germany as your starting country for your company, before the release of Version 0.150715A[1]